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1695,00 EUR

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: • Width: 5.00 m. • Length: 12.00 m. • Side height: 2.00 m. • Ridge height: 2.75 m. • Door Size (W x H): 1.45x2/3.7x2 m. • Door: Velcro door opening in both endwalls. • Roof cover: Strong PVC 500g/m² • Sidewalls: Strong PVC 500g/m² • Frame: Galvanised steel tubes • Tubes / fittings: 38x1.1 / 42x1.2 mm • Persons: 60 - 80 • Colour: White • UV-resistant: UV-resistant • Water resistance: 100% Waterproof • Included: Ground pegs • Box dimensions: Box 1: 55.0 x 28.0 x 70.0 cm. Box 2: 55.0 x 21.0 x 60.0 cm. Box 3: 55.0 x 20.0 x 65.0 cm. Box 4 - 6: 25.0 x 12.0 x 197.0 cm. PRODUCT INFO: • Velcro door openings in both end walls • New feature – Vertical Velcro closure • Arched windows on the long sides offer a good inflow of light • Entrance door in both of end walls • Easy assembly with wing screws • Perfect flexibility with 2 metre sidewall sections • Groundbar is not included

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Marquees are perfect for many different occasions – private events and celebrations as well as professional functions. A marquee creates the perfect atmosphere for important occasions such as weddings, confirmations, birthdays, graduations and other big events. A beautiful and functional marquee will also be perfect for most kinds of professional events in connection with a fair, a product launch, teambuilding, company picnic and many other events. The Party Tent Marquee is beautifully made and has a built-in rip stop function to prevent tearing. The roof cover of the Party Tent is made of an extra strong PVC quality. The arched windows on the long sides offer a comfortable inflow of light and a nice view out of the Party Tent Marquee. The Party Tent Marquee has an entrance door in each of the end walls. The strong steel frame of the Party Tent Marquee is galvanized and is furthermore easy to assemble with the wing screws enclosed. The Party Tent Marquee is easy to transport because of the strong light weight frame. You are welcome to contact our Marquee Experts, who are ready to advice and answer your questions about the different types of marquees and gazebos. Please contact us by phone or email. We will gladly advise you - 085 1000000