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145,00 EUR

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: • Width: 0.012 m. • Length: 25.00 m. Massive 75 feet. • Colour: Cool white • Weight: 4.9 kg • Box dimensions: Box 1: 26.0 x 12.0 x 26.0 PRODUCT INFO: • For indoor and outdoor use • Ready to plug into the socket • Sturdy and transparent PVC tube • 36 LEDs per meter • Multifunction with various effects • 230 volts • 82.8 W • Pre-set always to start with the combination - function

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This beautiful, sturdy and elegant LED rope light with 36 lights per meter is perfect for making beautiful decorations everywhere can be used indoor and outdoor, for the summer barbecue or the Christmas party. The rope light is easy to set up either by coiling it around trees and poles or by using straps or string. The rope light has three different light functions including flash, fade and of course a steady light. The elegant rope light will add to the ambience whether you throw a party at home, in a function room or a marquee in the garden. You can also use it for everyday ambience at home. It is easy to decorate a marquee or gazebo with the long rope light or use it outside in the garden to make an almost magical ambience. The rope light is easy to use as you simply plug it in to make it shine. Use it for everyday use as well and enjoy the beautiful and energy saving LED light all year round. You are welcome to contact our Marquee Experts, who are ready to advice and answer your questions about the different types of marquees and gazebos. You can contact our Experts during opening hours by calling or e-mailing. We will gladly advise you - 085 1000000