Outside Bar Pub Club Open Beer LED Neon Light

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89,00 EUR

This Vertical LED Neon Light Sign 40 x 30 cm it will be perfect to customize your logo, signs or pattern. Excellent for displaying in your shop, bar, pub, club, restaurant, room and anywhere you like! Light up your business at night with an illuminated sign with a high quality, a low cost LED Illuminated sign can make your business stand out & shine. It includes one brand new lighted sign Carved by the latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies (attractive in all directions). Not using the laser engraving method which only provides 2D surface effect. Provide USB on/off switch wire Length of the wire is 1.5 meter. Equipped with the highest quality power saving LED lights, the lights can last for 100,000 hours. You are welcome to contact our Experts, who are ready to advice and answer your questions about the different types of signs suits to your business. You can contact our Experts during opening hours by calling or e-mailing. We will gladly advise you - 085 1000000

Delivery: 1-2 business days