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With the infrared radiant ceiling heater IR 1500 SC you enjoy summer temperatures on your terrace or balcony throughout the year. To ensure that you can comfortably sit outside even if outdoor temperatures are cooler, the design radiant heater is the perfect elegant heat source for extending the summer. The splash-proof infrared heater of anodized aluminium also brings about a noticeable increase in customers and an additional turnover on the roofed outdoor seating areas of culinary establishments. Since the guests often prefer outside seats, even if the sun does not make its appearance. This Ceiling Heater is perfect for everyday use and for parties, family parties, or simply for everyday use when you want to enjoy some time in all and all your outdoor areas, tent frames and roofed patios. Wherever quick and cosy instant heat is required in the roofed outdoor area – the comparatively low-glare carbon heating coil of the IR 1500 SC supplies cosy infrared heat at the touch of a button in three selectable heating levels (500 W / 1,000 W / 1,500 W). The heating intensity is controlled conveniently via the remote control supplied. The lightweight 1.5-kg infrared radiant heater can be mounted in just a few steps using the 50-cm stainless steel chain, without requiring the assistance of a technician and only requiring a minimum of space. In addition to its elegant black design, the radiant ceiling heater scores with its powerful and energy-saving infrared heating technology. The carbon infrared tube with its power of up to 1,500 watts provides instant heat spreading evenly in all directions without preheating for an area of approx. 10 m². This pleasant infrared heat is directly perceptible on the skin, without warming the ambient air first and completely without any disturbing odours or noises. The radiant ceiling heater can be easily connected to the socket with its 1.8 m power cable including a shockproof plug (CEE 7/7) and is supplied with all attachment pieces required for quick and safe ceiling mounting: • 2 x carabiner hooks • 1 x fastening chain (50 cm) • 3 x cable tie The comparatively low-glare carbon infrared tube of the IR 1500 SC generates heat according to the natural principle of the sun. This is particularly energy-efficient, since a great deal of the energy input is converted directly into heat. In this process, not the ambient air is heated, it is the objects and persons in the direct vicinity of the infrared radiant heater that absorb radiant heat, store it and dissipate it as secondary radiation to the environment again. The heat is distributed by a fan that operates noiselessly and without raising dust, thus allowing even allergy sufferers and asthmatics to breathe freely the immediate vicinity of the radiant heater. The infrared heat develops instantly after you have switched on the device via the on/off switch with the operating control lamp.

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A few practical benefits: • Infrared heat without preheating • High-quality carbon infrared tubes • Even warmth from all sides for up to 10 m² • 3 heating levels: 500 W / 1,000 W / 1,500 W • IR remote control and on/off switch with operating control lamp • Splash-proof (protection type IP34) for roofed outdoor areas • Protective grid preventing contact of the heating tube • Elegant black housing of anodized aluminium • Just attach, connect and enjoy the warmth • Clean, condensation-free, odourless and silent • No dust circulation, therefore suitable for allergy sufferers • Energy-efficient You are welcome to contact our Experts, who are ready to advice and answer your questions about the different types of Heaters. You can contact our Experts during opening hours by calling or e-mailing. We will gladly advise you - 085 1000000