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It is perfect for everyday use and for parties, family parties, or simply for everyday use when you want to enjoy some time in all your outdoor areas, marquees, gazebos, and roofed patios. It can be flexibly positioned anywhere you like. The tinted radiator is the first choice in its elegant aluminium design housing as an innovative and aesthetically successful solution - both for use in the upmarket catering sector and in well-kept private environments. We recommend using the infrared radiant heater IRD 2400 wherever there is a need for elegant solutions for the additional heat distribution in architecturally sophisticated interior spaces and outdoor areas. Where conventional devices are fitted with a visible, brightly illuminated heater tube, this radiator can generate the comforting infrared heat by means of a covered stainless steel heating coil enclosed in aluminium – the heat source is shielded from view. The device also proves to be a superior product for use out of doors, seeing as it comes with IP55 type of protection which makes it dust-, splash- and water-jet-proof. Accordingly, the device is ideally suited for use in outdoor areas that are sheltered from the wind such as balconies and terraces. As such, it can be applied in the catering trade but also in interior spaces, e.g. in indoor swimming pools, marquees, conservatories or rooms that are only used sporadically. With its heating capacity of 2,400 W the high-performance infrared radiant heater provides cosy warmth both indoors and outdoors, it can be set to 3 heating levels – using an IR remote control if desired – so as to cover an extensive heating range. The inclination angle that can be adjusted by 90° further enhances the effective range. The IRD 2400 generates heat in a clean, condensation-free, odourless and noiseless way without raising dust – which makes it suitable for allergy sufferers. A 24-hour timer, the operation indicator light and an LED display complete the equipment of the maintenance-free IRD 2400. The infrared radiant heater require very little maintenance, since there is no need to exchange tubes. An appropriate holder for mounting the device to the wall or ceiling is included in the scope of delivery.

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A few practical benefits: • Appealing solution for architecturally sophisticated interior spaces and wind-protected outdoor areas • IR-B and IR-C provide cosy warmth without light emission • Even and targeted heat distribution • Clean, non-condensing, odourless and free from noise • No dust circulation, thus suitable for allergy sufferers • Splash- and water-jet-proof, protection class IP55 • 3 heating levels, up to 2,400 watts • Aluminium design housing • 24-hour timer • LED display • Adjustable inclination angle with a wide effective range • Suitable for mounting on walls and ceilings • Infrared remote control • Operation indicator light • Wall and ceiling holder included You are welcome to contact our Experts, who are ready to advice and answer your questions about the different types of Heaters. You can contact our Experts during opening hours by calling or e-mailing. We will gladly advise you - 085 1000000